Choosing the Right Vintage Wedding Dress

There is no doubt that  wedding dresses are a big hit with today’s brides. If you have been browsing modern wedding gowns but you can’t find a style that suits your taste then chances are you will find what you are looking for in a  wedding dress. Wedding dresses have a classic flair and elegance. Read on to learn how to choose the right  wedding dress for your big day.

Consider vintage-inspired dresses.
Just because you have opted for a vintage wedding dress doesn’t mean your gown needs to come from a trunk in the attic. Keep in mind that the quality of fabric tends to deteriorates as the dress ages, especially if it has not been stored properly. A real antique wedding gown may be prone to tearing, yellowing and other damages. Your best bet is to find a high-quality vintage clothing store that carries vintage clothes that are still in good shape. However, your choices will be limited even then and it might be a challenge looking for a dress in your exact size. For this reason, consider shopping for reproduction vintage wedding dresses that are brand-new but vintage-inspired. The first thing you need to do when choosing a vintage wedding dress is to decide on the era that you want the style to belong to. A vintage wedding dress from the 1920′s will look significantly different from a 1930′s wedding gown. Study the various period fashions and decide which style suits your taste. You might also want to consider your groom’s outfit to ensure that your ensembles complement each other.

Evaluate damages carefully.
If you were lucky enough to find an authentic vintage dress in the style and size you want, be sure to examine any damages carefully. For instance, if the dress has a very visible stain then don’t assume right away that it can be removed even with today’s products. A small rip or hole can also be a big challenge since you are dealing with very old and sensitive fabric.

Decide on alterations
Even if you have found your ideal dress, chances are you will still have to do an alteration or two, even it if it’s as simple as updating the neckline or replacing a button. Determine the feasibility and costs of these alterations before purchasing the dress.

A vintage wedding dress can certainly give a you a distinct look on your wedding day. To learn more about shopping for vintage wedding dresses or throwing an altogether vintage wedding, feel free to browse this site.

A growing number of brides are looking at on-line stores in an effort to save money on their gown purchases. This sounds like a good idea BUT it can be a daunting task. Selecting a style that’s right for you, is good quality and fits correctly without the added expense of needing alterations, can become overwhelming and sadly many times disappointing.
Without the benefit of an experienced person to assist with this and measure and fit your gown to make sure it is all as it should be, including pressing the gown, for your special day it can easily become all too much stress to cope with. As a manufacturer herself with over 30 years experience we are able to measure brides compatibly with the gown manufacturers requirements thereby avoiding any disappointments with incorrectly fitting gowns or the added expense of alterations.
TLC Fashions has for many years been providing top quality service for brides – the many thanks album filled with thanks you cards from very happy brides to testimony to this is steadily building a reputation for providing top quality gowns at very affordable prices.
So BEFORE you make any decisions regarding your gown call us and make a time to sit down and relax and discuss your wedding needs.