About Us

Hi there!

My name is Renée- creator and owner of The Soda Stand!

When I married the man of my dreams I had the time of my life planning our special day! I am a bit of an organising fanatic so planning our wedding really satisfied my thirst to organise organise organise!!!! During the planning stages I searched high and low for a beautiful way to serve our guests drinks at the end of the ceremony. I wanted something a little different that fit in with the theme of our wedding, something that people could interact with and most importantly I wanted my guests deliciously refreshed!!! I failed to find a service that ticked all of these boxes and so The Soda Stand was born! The Soda Stand offers a little extra detail to your event that your guests will be grateful for- and promise me they will talk about it afterwards!!

The Soda Stand’s refreshment stand packages are perfect for baby showers, kitchen teas, kids parties and even small corporate events!

We also have an online shop where you can pick up those little extra details to make your next party extra special!