Wedding Reception at Mirra in The Valley

Doing a “First Look” at your Wedding

Are you thinking of something a little different for your wedding?  How about doing a first look!

The first look is one of our favourite things to do at weddings and all of our couples who have done them absolutely love it.

You guys can still get ready separately, then we organise a spot for the groom to be waiting. It’s super cute when the bride arrives and taps him on the shoulder…it’s the best surprise for each other! It’s so sweet and an intimate little moment just for you before the ceremony.

Wedding Reception at Mirra in The Valley

Our couples have said it totally calms their nerves and they are way more relaxed for their ceremony.

Wedding Reception at Mirra in The Valley

Kate and Jeff had such a fabulous wedding day, we just had to show you all of it!  We kicked it off with the boys at Limes Hotel in Fortitude Valley, then just a short wander over to the girls at The Emporium.  Everyone was looking ridiculously good!!  Their ceremony was held in the stunning and grand St Stephens Cathedral in the city, followed by a few stops for photos back in The Valley and Teneriffe Woolstores area.  We all had so much fun!!  Mirra was the couple’s chosen reception venue and was beautifully styled, simple and elegant with soft pastel colours and yummy treats for all of the guests from the Noosa Chocolate Factory.  To top it all off, the dance floor was pumping by the end of the night and the guests all enjoyed using the photo booth from The Photo Booth Guys.

Vintage Wedding Fashion

Vintage Wedding Rings

The day of your wedding ceremony will come and go but there are some things from your big day that will surely last longer, such as your wedding photographs and your wedding rings. Vintage wedding rings are extremely popular with couples who are planning to tie the knot. Your wedding does not need to have a vintage wedding theme in order for you to use vintage rings. Even if you are planning to have a contemporary wedding, vintage wedding rings will add just the right amount of timeless elegance to your big day. Read on to learn more about choosing the right rings for your wedding.

Choosing a Vintage Wedding Ring Style

Wedding rings are not just a symbol of everlasting love and devotion, they are also valuable items that can be passed down as family heirlooms. Therefore, a lot of thought must go into the purchase of a vintage wedding ring. Below are three of the most popular vintage wedding ring styles that you can choose from:

Victorian wedding rings
Victorian wedding rings date as far back as the 1830′s and any time before the 1900′s. Since they are among the oldest vintage rings that you can find, you can also expect to pay top dollar for these pieces. Victorian wedding rings are known for their intricate and ornate designs and will usually have diamonds set into the band of the ring.

Edwardian wedding rings
Edwardian wedding rings originated between the 1900′s and the 1920′s. Edwardian rings are generally cut from white platinum as this was the trend of the times. Filigree and scrollwork designs were also popular during the era.

Art deco wedding rings
If you are looking for vintage wedding rings that have a little more exciting design then Art Deco wedding rings might be the ideal choice for you. The Art Deco period took its influences from a variety of cultures—from Native American to Asian designs. This eclectic combination of art influences resulted to some exotic pieces that combine rubies, jades and other stones in a single setting.
Where to Buy a Vintage Wedding Ring
The best way to buy a vintage wedding ring is through a professional jeweller. Although there are many stalls and shops that specialise in vintage jewellery, you are better off working with a reputable jeweller to make sure that you will be getting your money’s worth. A jeweller will be able to evaluate the condition of the ring and make sure that the stones are firmly set. Even if you choose to purchase the rings somewhere else, make sure that you have them inspected by a jeweller prior to your wedding day.

Vintage Wedding Shoes

Vintage wedding shoes are quite popular among modern-day brides. As you know, bridal shoes are extremely important when it comes to planning your wedding ensemble. Even if you have found the perfect wedding gown, your bridal outfit will still be incomplete without the right pair of shoes. Vintage bridal shoes can be paired with either a vintage wedding dress or a contemporary one. They will give your wedding ensemble a unique look with just the right touch of timeless elegance. This is why vintage wedding shoes are highly sought after.

Where to Buy Vintage Wedding Shoes

If you don’t normally buy vintage clothing and footwear then you are probably wondering where you are going to get your vintage bridal shoes from. Naturally, your first option is to check out your nearest antique or vintage clothing store and see if they have any bridal shoes in your size. It’s best to go to a reputable vintage shop since professional vintage clothing retailers will know how to store vintage clothing and shoes properly. Therefore, there is a higher chance that the shoes will be in good shape.
Another option is to look for vintage bridal shoes online. The obvious benefit of this is that you will get to have more options to choose from. Instead of being limited to what’s available on the racks, you will get to shop for vintage wedding shoes from all over the country or even the world.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Shoes

Vintage inspired wedding shoes are also becoming more common nowadays. Vintage inspired bridal shoes or reproduction vintage wedding shoes refer to modern wedding shoes that are made in vintage design. Needless to say, these reproduction shoes have several benefits over genuine vintage shoes. Since clothing and footwear deteriorate overtime, there is good chance that the pair of authentic vintage shoes that you will find might require some sort of repair before you can walk down the aisle in them. With reproduction vintage wedding shoes, you will be purchasing a brand-new pair of shoes that merely looks vintage.

Christmas Food Hampers

One of the greatest things about gift hampers is that they can be given to a lucky recipient for a number of events, at any time of year and without forcing you to go over budget. And if you’ve noticed that Christmas is just around the corner now, you’re probably getting into shopper-mode in time to snap up a few bargains.

But if there’s one thing that many people overlook when it comes to hampers, it’s the fact that they are actually stylised baskets which can be loaded with goodies for all occasions. That means that you won’t have to trawl around looking for clothing for a loved one, nor will you need to brave the masses of customers out to buy gadgets and accessories.

Instead, why not try using food hampers as Christmas gifts instead?

How would this work?

During the holiday season it’s not uncommon for families and friends to come together and exchange gifts, enjoy one another’s company and most importantly of all – partake in the delicacies of the season. And this is where food hampers come into the fray. Because they can be customised in many ways, from the appearance of the basket right through to the goodies inside; you could offer up a feast for your recipient (or recipients) that they’ll enjoy throughout the period.

Items such as gammon, turkey and other savoury foods can be an excellent way to add to the menu for a festive dinner; or you could keep things sweeter by going for chocolates, sugary treats and other snack-products that can guarantee to make someone smile. And rather than opting for one or the other, you could even pick a type that comes complete with both types – and even beverages.

The higher your budget, the larger your hamper can be and this is why more and more people are considering buying big packages for a family, as opposed to individual presents.

And another advantage of a hamper is that they can act to bring everyone together. Food, a focal point and a generous gift from you to them, could be all that it takes to get the party atmosphere going – and if you can’t attend, then what better way to let your recipients know that you care? They’ll be able to enjoy the goodies for days, if not weeks, on end and once they’re finished, you could always set yourself a reminder to pop back online and put together another hamper in time for them next Christmas.

Does Soft Drink Promote Weight Gain

In an initiative to curb the issue, some institution areas are removing soft drink makers from college campuses -; as well as, some state, completely factor. One 12-ounce can of soda has 150 calories; a 20-ounce could has 250 calories.

Besides having a high-sugar material – which can add to weight gain and advertise dental caries – there is little nutritional worth in a can of soda, simply empty calories.

Inning accordance with the Center for Scientific research in the general public Rate of interest, “Carbonated sodas are the single largest resource of calories in the American diet, providing concerning 7 percent of calories.” Non-carbonated beverages (such as fruit juice and cold teas) press that number to 9 percent.

While specialists stop short of laying the blame entirely at the feet of soft drink manufacturers, many acknowledge that people generally, and also kids specifically, take in a lot of soft drinks.

One research study of 548 6th and seventh-graders in Boston showed that each 12-ounce can of soda consumed raised their danger for coming to be obese by 60 percent, inning accordance with an article in the Journal of Pediatrics.

As childhood weight problems continuouslies boost, researchers are considering a web link between just what youngsters consume and their increasing midsections.

So what’s a parent to do?

NuVim is available in a variety of fruit flavors as well as lies in the chilled juice section of your regional supermarket.

A diet abundant in fruits, veggies as well as entire grains should be the initial line of protection. But due to the fact that just what they consume alcohol issues just as long as just what they consume, one option may be to consider replacing soft drink with a health drink like NuVim, which consists of a variety of vitamins, minerals, calcium; low amounts of sugar; as well as no caffeine.

Checked and also proven efficient in 19 medical researches for its muscle mass flexibility as well as immune-boosting residential properties, this drink contains the antioxidant vitamins A, C as well as E, together with B-12, zinc, calcium as well as essential amino acids.

Gay Weddings in New Zealand

When you first start looking for locations for Gay weddings in New Zealand you will likely come up with a lot of options. After the new legislation which makes New Zealand the first place in the Asia Pacific region to legalise weddings for gays, the country has understandably been inundated with requests to provide this service from other countries, not least of which is Australia.

New Zealanders are proud of the beautiful scenery and liberal attitudes which makes NZ the perfect location for romantic Gay weddings and a world class honeymoon destination.
New Zealand has long been seen as a highly desirable place to tie the knot and now even more so for Australian gay couples who wish to give their relationships a legal foundation. And lets face it, the laws do not seem likely to change in the foreseeable future.
So why not consider NZ as the perfect destination for your gay weddings. We’re here to assist you with your dream day.
Gay weddings in New Zealand really are the perfect solution for you and your partner to enjoy a magic day followed by an excellent gay honeymoon in NZ. We offer a range of gay wedding solutions guaranteed to document the special day so it can be remembered and cherished forever. Here at Gay Wedding NZ we know how emotional the wedding day can be so we take the stress out of it by letting you focus on the business of getting married.
Furthermore we take the time to understand what our clients want so that we can achieve the top results. Gay Wedding NZ is your perfect gay wedding solution. Whether you need a photographer, accommodation, videos, wedding planning or just about anything else you could imagaine we are your 1 stop NZ gay wedding shop. Whether you are after black and white images, high quality digital albums and HD slide shows, Gay Wedding NZ can make it happen, and you will be amazed by our great packages.
•    Personalized and friendly service
•    Respected experience
•    Flexible pricing
•    Natural Style and incredible image quality
•    Beautiful wedding albums
•    Gay NZ Wedding Planning
•    NZ Honeymoon
•    New Zealand Gay Weddings

NZ Wedding Accommodation
Our services don’t stop there however. With years of experience in celebrating fantastic wedding occasions coupled with ability to maximise your enjoyment on the day, you can rest assured knowing that our skills and know how in wedding planning coupled with our determination and drive will ensure the success of your once in a life time experience.

Cocktail The Perfect Alcoholic Drink

“Cocktail” is a type of alcoholic drink which is consumed in mostly all countries. It is a sort of liquor with flavouring agents. It has fruit juice, sauces, honey, milk, lotion or seasonings, etc. Alcoholic drinks had actually ended up being popular recently. The drawback of purchasing alcoholic drink is that many bar proprietors mix both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages with the drink. This is really dangerous to take in.

The olden day’s mixed drinks were made in mix with gin, whisky or rum and also with a percentage of vodka. Several mixed drinks were made typically by blending it with gin which is called as gimlet or martini. This kind of alcoholic drinks was presented after 1980’s. The word cocktail was figured out by Dr. David Wonderich in October 2005.

A benefit of consuming alcohol a sip of cocktail is that it will certainly keep you relieved from head ache. “Alcoholic drink” is alcohol made up of sugar, water and bitter agents. It is also called as bittered sling. As well as it is also meant to be an electioneering remedy, considering that it keeps the heart stout and also strong. A person who ingests one sip of alcoholic drink prepares to swallow anything else.

The high quality and amount of alcohol present in mixed drink is really less when compared to the various other alcohols. The cost of mixed drinks likewise has a big distinction when compared with other drinks. So nowadays bartenders have actually begun preparing cocktails. Mixed drinks are mixed with various sorts of other drink such as gin, whisky, milk and also cream yet it is not combined with water. The combined ingredients depend upon the region.

Alcoholic drinks are offered in special alcoholic drink glass. The mixed drink glass is of a shape with a broad, shallow bowl, on a stem above a level base. The cocktail glasses are created in such a form that the temperature level ought to not change. Some sites using cashback price cuts or some type of rewards to conserve your money on selecting your wines online.

Choosing the Right Vintage Wedding Dress

There is no doubt that  wedding dresses are a big hit with today’s brides. If you have been browsing modern wedding gowns but you can’t find a style that suits your taste then chances are you will find what you are looking for in a  wedding dress. Wedding dresses have a classic flair and elegance. Read on to learn how to choose the right  wedding dress for your big day.

Consider vintage-inspired dresses.
Just because you have opted for a vintage wedding dress doesn’t mean your gown needs to come from a trunk in the attic. Keep in mind that the quality of fabric tends to deteriorates as the dress ages, especially if it has not been stored properly. A real antique wedding gown may be prone to tearing, yellowing and other damages. Your best bet is to find a high-quality vintage clothing store that carries vintage clothes that are still in good shape. However, your choices will be limited even then and it might be a challenge looking for a dress in your exact size. For this reason, consider shopping for reproduction vintage wedding dresses that are brand-new but vintage-inspired. The first thing you need to do when choosing a vintage wedding dress is to decide on the era that you want the style to belong to. A vintage wedding dress from the 1920′s will look significantly different from a 1930′s wedding gown. Study the various period fashions and decide which style suits your taste. You might also want to consider your groom’s outfit to ensure that your ensembles complement each other.

Evaluate damages carefully.
If you were lucky enough to find an authentic vintage dress in the style and size you want, be sure to examine any damages carefully. For instance, if the dress has a very visible stain then don’t assume right away that it can be removed even with today’s products. A small rip or hole can also be a big challenge since you are dealing with very old and sensitive fabric.

Decide on alterations
Even if you have found your ideal dress, chances are you will still have to do an alteration or two, even it if it’s as simple as updating the neckline or replacing a button. Determine the feasibility and costs of these alterations before purchasing the dress.

A vintage wedding dress can certainly give a you a distinct look on your wedding day. To learn more about shopping for vintage wedding dresses or throwing an altogether vintage wedding, feel free to browse this site.

A growing number of brides are looking at on-line stores in an effort to save money on their gown purchases. This sounds like a good idea BUT it can be a daunting task. Selecting a style that’s right for you, is good quality and fits correctly without the added expense of needing alterations, can become overwhelming and sadly many times disappointing.
Without the benefit of an experienced person to assist with this and measure and fit your gown to make sure it is all as it should be, including pressing the gown, for your special day it can easily become all too much stress to cope with. As a manufacturer herself with over 30 years experience we are able to measure brides compatibly with the gown manufacturers requirements thereby avoiding any disappointments with incorrectly fitting gowns or the added expense of alterations.
TLC Fashions has for many years been providing top quality service for brides – the many thanks album filled with thanks you cards from very happy brides to testimony to this is steadily building a reputation for providing top quality gowns at very affordable prices.
So BEFORE you make any decisions regarding your gown call us and make a time to sit down and relax and discuss your wedding needs.

Easter Chocolate Hampers

With Easter just over half a year away now, plenty of people are already getting their gift buying ideas in motion. This time of year is intended to celebrate the life and rebirth of Jesus Christ, but plenty of people have adopted it outside of a religious notion. One particular way to buy for a loved one is online, where Easter chocolate gifts are becoming increasingly popular.

But for those of you wondering what it is that makes these types of hampers different from regular ones – or those available at other times of year such as Christmas, here are a few informative facts.

The Chocolate

During Easter, most branded and unbranded chocolate will typically relate to some type of symbolic icon associated with this time of year. In the past these icons used to refer to Jesus and the cross (back in the 18th century), but these days you’ll often see egg shaped chocolates, rabbits and bunnies instead.

The Colours

The typical colours associated with Easter are vibrant and fresh, often being red, yellow, purple and blue. Although these colours can be used to celebrate other events as well (such as red for Christmas), when used in conjunction they can often create a fairly distinctive Easter feel.

The Prices

A lot of people have started to turn to the internet for help with their shopping needs because it can be cheaper; depending on where you buy from. If you planned on making your own hamper to the same quality as one provided by an online service; you’ll typically find yourself spending at least $100 for the components. On the other side of the coin, if you purchase from an online hamper making company, the same product could be available at much less than the above price – sometimes with up to 25% savings.